Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Yay! After a gruelling 7 months of PW, it is FINALLY over!

A very BIG Thank You to all who have directly / indirectly supporting my group TP118 in this tough period of time.

To TP118, 2007:

(Quoted from the online message I sent on

Just wanted to say a thank you for all that you've done in this year's PW... I've learnt a lot from doing this project... (i'm sure you'd agree... whoever would know that Philo Farnsworth was the inventor of the first electronic TV?).. I'm proud to be in this group, TP118~! haha...

Muz especially thank Wen Fong and Ting Ming for their extra work they put in, and Yun Shuo for being such a good secretary and last but not least, Timo for being the group's leader...

Of course, this would be the best team I ever had for any project... so yah... let's hope we can get an A or B for our PW grade...


(but let's still continue to be like how we've always been, considering that part of the team may not be able to make it to next year...)


Rest assured, I won't forget all those wonderful times with the groups, all the 5.29am meetings online, the meeting overnight at Timo's house, the fun we had during PW lessons (till Mdm Lim had to "scold" us),... And the 198+MB PW folder in my laptop :)...

FYI I still have all the chat logs stored in my computer... One day must go look back at those meetings... Hahahaha...

After the Preliminary Ideas came the Group Project Proposal...

Still recalled... First Group Project Proposal meeting was at my house... Decided to do project on PHILO TAYLOR FARNSWORTH, THE INVENTOR.

Wen Fong did the ENTIRE 1st GPP draft! (so hardworking sia... haha)

2nd GPP meeting online, we (except Timo) slept at 1am+

3rd GPP meeting online, we (except Timo) slept at 1.30am+

4th GPP meeting online, we (except Timo) slept at 1.30am+ (this one we managed to reach 10 pages, the minimum required by Mdm Lim)

Then came the Written Reports...

Hmmm... If I'm not wrong, 1st draft we (except Timo) slept at 1am+

2nd draft, we (except Timo) slept at 3.30am+

3rd draft, we (except Timo) slept at 5.13am+ (<<made me late for school!! Lucky was teachers' day, so not counted... haha)

4th draft, we (except Timo) slept at 4.30am+ (<<made me late for school!! But this time counted as 1st time late...)

5th draft, All done in Timo's house overnight... No one slept this time... (coz we forced each other not to sleep)... Longest PW meeting ever! I even brought my printer to his house! From 11th October 11am+ (after Chem promo paper) to next day 12th October 12.30pm+ (deadline for Draft 5 was at 1pm)

6th draft, we (except Timo, Wen Fong and Yun Shuo!!) slept at 4.45am+...

Final final final WR... All completed by 17th Oct 12pm... Burned to CD provided by Mdm Lim... (No more WRs for us! TQVVM!)

Then came the Oral Presentations (wooo... very close to the end of PW 2007 already!)

OP room: D204

Practice dates:
22/10 D204: 12:30pm - 5pm
23/10 D204: 8.30am - 3.50pm (but we left at approx 1pm as some stupid aunty chased us out...)

OP Dry Run on 26/10 in D204, time slot: 12pm to 1pm. Had to be audience from 8am to 10am, 10-11am break, 11-12pm practice, 1-2pm audience (again...)

Practice again...:
30/10 D204: 8.30am to 4pm (Ting Ming nvr come for this practice :( )
31/10 D204: 8.30am to 4pm

Final practices.... ...
2/11 B104: practice very long lah... haha...
5/11 in my house :) - 8.30am to 7.30pm... (1 day before OP!!!)

Finally: the OP!

Report to school: 7.15am (Wen Fong was abit late~!)
Go to class: 7.50am+
Be audience: 8am to 10am
Break: 10am to 11am
Practice: 11am to 12pm
The OP: 12pm to 1pm
Be audience (again): 1pm to 2pm
Go home~!

End of PW 2007.


Now just hoping our hard work would pay off and we get an A or B for PW!

(long post sia... haha)

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