Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Plaisir de Chanson 2008


It's all over! TPJChoir performed in Plaisir de Chanson 2008 in the Esplanade and I dare say it was a really good performance!

For many J1s around, this is their first performance so if you're one of our audience please forgive them if they did not sing too well...

Wei Wei (00 batch's SC) was damn good ok? Here's a photo of me and him =)

I guess this is the first time you've heard of him. A short intro... He was the Student Conductor for the 00/01 batch of TPJChoir and currently is the assistant conductor of The Vocal Consort which is founded by Nelson Kwei, our ex-choral director. (That should say something about Weiwei yeah?)

We sang a total of 22 songs (including J2 chorus/alumni/combined/...) and I dare say all of them sound better that night then all the rehearsals we've ever had...

I would like to thank a few special people...
1) Nelson (for at least helping us in the first half of the year, until 1st April when that thing happened)
2) Weiwei (for conducting us, and guiding us... I personally wish you'd continue to stay with TPJChoir till they've finished their SYF.. haha) and Samuel
3) Our SCs for guiding us (though we still could not produce what you wanted fully.. but nvm lah?) and the P and VP of the choir
4) All J1s/J2s who sang in this concert
5) All Alumni who sang in this concert
6) Those J1s [Roger, Jeremiah and Joel Koh] who really took the time off to sing in the J2 chorus (you all kept saying "Please take me out..." but I didn't, and look, you've managed to get through it!)... I won't forget having all the extra sectionals with you whenever we could get hold of the time.. haha...
7) All our choir teachers-in-charge
8) All those who have bought our tickets

To end this post, here's a picture of the Bass section, 2008 JAE period... (to make up for the screwed concert booklet =X)

From left to right:
Back row: Tan Xiao Li, Roger You, Joel Goh, Lyndon Leong, Joel Koh
Mid row:
Mohamed Haikal, Wong Dai Quan
, Gabriel Lim [0708 SL]
Front row:
Arron Li [0708 President]
, Jeremiah Tan

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