Friday, March 09, 2007

3rd day (final day) of TPJC JC1 2nd Orientation

Well... so today is the final day of orientation... So far had been so sian... 2day was at least a bit better... More lively... More cheering... but only 5 people came in my OG as it was WET GAMES, so it was like totally not enough people to participate in the games and stuff... Nvm... we still played the games... we played "Friendly mode" so 2 from the opposing team sent 2 players to play against their own team... End of the day, we only played 3 games... and I got wet only once! always avoid the water bombs...

The orientation finale was not really good... Couldn't understand what my OGL (orientation group leader) was performing on stage... After the acting, our OGL used a cheer to put other OGs down... It goes like this:

Oh ley ley,
Oh lah lah,
(someone) very gay,
(someone) boleh blah!

So lame right...? LOL! then other families call us LOSERS...

Anyway the way they give points is a bit lame.. everyone won in the end ( so no point having the point system at all...)

Oh yah... To all SRJC SC Interns Welco, the outing on Saturday is CANCELLED! so sad...

BTW I better not write anymore... 2mr is my piano exam... Wish me luck~!

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