Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Go back to SR?

Hmmm... i have heard that many people from TPJC want to appeal back to SRJC... Should I...? Recently my good friend (Chi Tao) in SR who was posted to MJC called me and said that SR was more "value-added" than TP... Said that SR's and TP's results were about the same, only difference was the pass rate...

BTW I just read my friend's (Xiu Hao) blog and found out that he had written a memo for me! After reading it, i realised that I missed SR and my friends in SR, though most would not be going back to SR... So what's the point of going back...? haha...

Anyway I want to thank all those who had helped me in 1 way or another in SR... Keep in touch!

Argo 6 rocks! SC Welco rocks! 1S10 ('07) rocks! All lecturers / tutors who taught me rocks!

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